Rugby is played in the first half of the second term in a 10-man format. Only the U11A, U11B, U12A, U12B and open teams play the full 15-man format. For safety reasons, different rules are implemented in different age groups.

Full interschools fixtures take place, allowing every boy the opportunity to play competitive matches against similarly skilled opponents. All boys from U9 to those in the open teams may play rugby. Mouth guards are compulsory for practices and matches.

In 2010 Pridwin introduced the Sevens Rugby as part of our school sport portfolio for boys in the Open age group. It is the only prestigious 7s rugby event for preparatory schools in Johannesburg with the sole aim of growing talent and developing rugby across Gauteng. Read more under the latest news section...

Boys selecting non-contact rugby, have to participate in Cross Country as well as non-contact rugby skills and fitness practices.

Kit requirements

  • Black rugby shorts
  • Pridwin rugby jersey
  • Gum guard