Pridwin Boys Return to School

"Today was an incredible day as we welcomed back our Grade 7 boys after around 70 days of absence from school. It was particularly special for me personally since taking over as headmaster a month ago, as I finally got to meet the boys in person.

There was such a great vibe amongst the boys who were all extremely mature in their practising of sanitising, social distancing and the wearing of masks. At breaktime, we could see that they were itching to go out onto the field to play a game of soccer, but fortunately managed to overcome the temptation.

The importance of connectivity and relationships that can only really be experienced through the human connection as opposed to a virtual one was made so clear today. It plays such an important role in the trajectory of a child's academic, social and emotional development.

Almost all our Grade 7 boys came to school and we are so looking forward to welcoming back the other grades using a phased approach." Patrick Lees (Executive Headmaster)