Garden Project Launch

On Saturday 24 October, the Pridwin Community Garden Project was launched and what a huge success it was. It was a beautiful, hot and sunny day filled with fun as the boys, parents and staff undertook the huge job of clearing and preparing the soil for our soon to be Veggie Garden.

‘Many hands make light work’ is a very apt description of phase one. Building rubble had to be moved, roots had to be unearthed and many wheel barrows filled to the brim were carted away. The soil was turned, raked and prepped and we even managed to mark out our new beds.

The day was made even better by boerie rolls, ice cold drinks and a very satisfying dip in the pool. Although we have a lot more work to do before we begin to plant, we are proud of our achievement as a community so far. We see this garden as a great way for parents, staff, boys and families to bond and ultimately enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Thank you to our #PridwinCommunity and #PridwinBoys.