World Environment Day

The Grade 4 boys were able to share their love for the environment  by participating in the #Trashtag global movement on World Environmental Day held on the 5th June.  The boys , armed with rubbish bags, gloves and the help of their teachers took to the streets of Melrose, where they collected over 20 bags of litter in just under an hour.

The boys got to see first-hand how much litter there is, on streets that seem clean, but are surprisingly filled with little bits of rubbish that can all be picked up and then recycled.

The bags of trash were then taken to Pridwin’s incredible recycling department where it will be recycled correctly. The boys were so excited to be a part of the #Trashtag initiative and they are hoping to collect over 500 bags of trash by the end of the term. Their goal is to make a difference in this world, which they certainly did!