Red Bus Outing

Our project based learning came alive on Wednesday 27th March when the boys got the opportunity to explore more of their city on the Red Bus. It was with great excitement that we negotiated the streets of Rosebank to meet Mdu our friendly bus driver. We set off to Constitutional Hill. Our national anthem came alive through the realization of the significance of this former prison complex. The boys were fascinated by the photos depicting a dark past, however, appreciating what we have as a nation now. They got a chance to sit inside the Constitutional Court and in the waiting area to contemplate and compare the South Africa of yesteryear to today. 


Onward we drove, through the interesting streets of Johannesburg, to the Mining District. We saw some of the important relics from the early mining days and the replica of the sacred rhino of Mapungubwe.  Our tour took us past the statue of Gandhi in Gandhi Square to our final destination - the Carlton Centre.


We were met and guided along the streets through the Small Street Mall to the lift. 50 floors later we emerged at the top for a birds eye view of Johannesburg.  Albeit through cloud cover, the panoramic view created great excitement as the boys identified various landmarks.


An exciting day out for the Grade 4 boys.