Junior Robotics Week

At Pridwin, Coding and Robotics has been compulsory for our Grade 4-7 boys for the last few years. This week, however, there has been a strong focus on Coding and Robotics in the Junior Prep. The week started with Pridwin hosting an ICT Cluster Meeting on Coding and Robotics, where we shared our best practice with the 25 ISASA schools that attended. Our amazing Leigh Walker presented her Coding and Robotics curriculum for Grade 0, while our Technology teacher discussed all things technology in Junior Prep.

The week continued with the Junior boys (Grades 0-3) having their Technology lessons in the Senior Prep STEAM Lab. The Grade 0s did paired programming with their Big Brothers in Grade 4. Grade 4s taught the Grade 0s to programme Sphero, and the Grade 0s got to show off their impressive Bee-Bot skills by ‘teaching’ their Brothers how to code the Bee-Bots. Grade 1s got an introduction to Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots, and successfully drove their Bots around robotics mats to rescue their Lego babies. To make this more challenging, the boys built mazes for their Bots to drive through. The Grade 2s got to build and programme Science Rovers using the latest addition to our Robotics programme – Lego WeDo. Meanwhile, the Grade 3s had an introduction Lego Mindstorms, where they drove EV3s around the World Robotics Olympiad competition mat. They had to plan, sequence, drive accurately and think critically.

The boys had an absolute blast. They worked together, solved problems and developed their programming skills, all the while learning through play. However, it was not just the boys who got to play in STEAM. The week ended with all of our Junior Prep teachers getting hands on training from Lego on the WeDo.