Grade 4s “getting to know you” day.

The Grade 4’s set off with much enthusiasm to the Ethel Grey park for their “getting to know you” day.  Before they left, Mr Marx discussed the importance of making the world a better place and that what they were embarking on was certainly making a difference and how proud he was of them.  

The litter collection began in earnest with 2 bags being filled before they had even got to the park. It was interesting observing the grit of the boys who were determined to fill their bags to the brim.  

After a picnic and a chance to run freely in the big open space, they played some fun games before beginning the long walk back to Pridwin. A great morning was had by both the boys and the teachers where they explored a little of our neighbourhood, crossed roads during the busy morning rush and managed the 5 km round trip with little complaint.