First School in South Africa to Introduce Water In A Box

Every Pridwin boy learns that he has a purpose; to discover his potential in order to make the world a better place. This is why our school exists.

Just as learning takes place incrementally over time, so too has Pridwin invested in a number of efforts that will hopefully result in big changes in the future: our recycling programme in partnership with Bekabee; the termly environmental projects; Plastic-Free Fridays; Meat-Free Mondays; and-now the introduction of Water-in-a-Box. All these efforts aim to inspire our boys to take more responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet. Pridwin aims to produce conscientious and concerned young men, who have an understanding of, and respect for, their environment.

We encourage our boys to collaborate and be part of the bigger picture by helping create a greener and more environmentally school. We try to inspire a passion for the environment and grow their understanding that they have a part to play in the future of our planet. At Pridwin this message is reinforced daily, helping our boys realise that together we can make a difference in our communities.

Pridwin has recently partnered with Water-in-a-Box. This is a first for South Africa. Pridwin no longer sells water in plastic bottles and we are encouraging all in our wider community to eliminate plastic in the environment.

Water-in-a-Box is a non-profit organisation, proudly South African and sustainably packaging water to the South African consumer. Water-In-a Box is a still mineral water enriched with plants, minerals and vitamins. Their sustainable carton is convenient for on-the-go use, and free from BPAs.76% of Water-In-A-Box carton is comprised of renewable resource trees, making it one of the most sustainable beverage packaging available.

  • Water-In-A-Box is better for the environment, better for our health
  • It has a much lower carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic bottles
  • The screw-caps are made from plant-based plastic and is 100% recyclable
  • The unique box assures the water is long lasting and purity assured. It is completely sealed from light and air to stay fresh, pure and cooler for longer.

Not only is the container environmentally friendly, but the profits from every sale of Water-in-a-Box go towards Career Buddy: Professional Career Guidance and Coaching for children in rural and under-privileged schools.

“With every Water in A Box Pridwin purchased, they are actively contributing towards empowering South Africa’s youth through professional career coaching services. In partnership with Water in a Box and Career Buddy Pridwin is solving systemic inequalities and creating a more inclusive workforce and a brighter future for all South-Africans” says Brian Skosana, CEO of Water in a Box.

As a school we acknowledge the responsibility we have in moulding and shaping the habits of our boys and we believe that by creating a conscious, global thinker, who participates in recycling, there will be a greater incentive to carry this habit on into adulthood. The recycling "habit" developed in school aims to transform our community, our jobs and our country as we recycle more and more of the products we consume.