67 Minutes for Mandela Day

Pridwin boys participated in Mandela Day with each Grade doing their 67 minutes and longer for the day.

Every Grade 0 donated nappies and pre-loved toys to support the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff.

After collecting recycled stationery from home, the Grade 1 boys spent time collaborating while sorting the stationery and filling pencil cases. These pencil cases will be shared with a nursery school in Orange Farm.

The Grade 2 boys were delighted to be a part of a productive morning, making sandwiches for those less fortunate than themselves. They were real professionals by the end of the 67 minutes.

Our Grade 3s made toiletry bags for St Vincent's School for the Deaf. Grade 4 boys participated in a potjie day for our service staff, to thank them for their contribution to the school on a daily basis. They prepared their meals and served them.

Traditionally our Grade 5s participate in our Annual Sleepout where the boys sleep on cardboard boxes for the night in order to understand how the less fortunate sleep every night. They partnered up with Bana Blankets, in support of their community project in Alexandra. The boys collected over 235 blankets which were handed out to community shelters.

Grade 6s were busking at Rosebank Mall where they raised over R2500. All proceeds will be donated towards charity.

Grade 7s took the roles of the Pridwin ground and cleaning staff for the day. They went around Pridwin ensuring classrooms, offices and the fields are neat and tidy, while our service staff enjoyed their meal that the Grade 4s had prepared on Wednesday.

This opportunity to give back to the community gave our boys an understanding of how with great privilege comes great responsibility.

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return." Nelson Mandela