January 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
School Closed
School reopens for boys
New Parents Tea
Cricket trials (Gr 5-7)
Parents Meeting - Meet the teachers
Swimming Trials (Gr 5-7)
Grade 7 Leadership Camp Departs
Gr 4 Fun Day
Cricket/Swimming Trials (Gr 3-6)
Grade 7s away at Leadership Camp
Swimming Trials Gr 3 and 4
Enviromental Talk (Gr 4-6)
Grade 7s away at Leadership Camp
Cricket Trials (Gr 3 & 4)
Grade 7s return from Leadership Camp
Sport Timetable starts
Grade 3 Parent Information Talk
Cricket vs St Peter's (Gr 4-7)
New Parents Cocktail Party
Cricket vs St Peter's (Gr 3)
Class & Individual Photos (Gr 0-7)
Cycle tests - Gr 5-7 ANA
Swimming Gala: A50 St David's - B25 Pridwin - C25 The Ridge
Cricket vs St Peter's (Gr 3-7)
PPA Meeting
Board Meeting
Cricket vs St Stithian's (Gr 4-7)
Cricket vs St Stithian's (Gr 3)
Cycle tests - Gr 5-7 English
Gala: A50 St John's - B25 Pridwin - C25 St David's
Cricket vs Lynnwood (Gr 3-7)

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