October 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chess vs St Benedict's
The Sound of Children (Junior Choir)
Hockey vs St stithians
Louise Stofberg Talk: Play – the work of children
Impromptu Chatterbox @ Pridwin
Cycle tests Gr 5-7 creative writing
Interhouse hockey (Grade 3-6)
Chess vs St Stithian's
Board finance meeting
Interhouse Hockey (Grade 7)
Dinner with Prof Jonathan Jansen
The Ridge Choir Festival
Grade 6 & 7 speech festival
Hockey vs St Benedicts
Cricket & Swimming commences
Gr 4 compulsory parents meeting
Cycle tests Gr 5-7 English
Grade 0 & 1 concert dress rehearsal
Swimming Gala
PPA Fun Day
Chess vs St John's
Gr 0 & 1 concert
Gr 0 & 1 concert
Gr 4 & 5 Speech Festival
Half Term - School closes
School closed
School closed
School re-opens
Grade 4 Lunch Hour Concert
Cricket (Gr 5C) vs St Peter's
Grade 5 Soiree
Cricket (3rd/4th/5th) vs St Peter's
Sport & cultural photos
Cricket (Gr 3) vs St Peter's
Cycle tests - Gr 5 Science , Gr 6 EZF, Gr 7 AFrik
Swimming Gala
Cricket vs St Peter's
Cricket (Gr 4) vs St Stithian's
Chess vs Jan Celliers
Grade 3 Lunch Hour Concert
Cricket (Gr 5) vs St Stithian's
Heads' Curriculum Meeting
Cricket 3rd/4th/5th/6th) vs St Stithian's
Senior Soiree
Grade 0 & 1 Tea-Time Concert
Grade 2 Lunch Hour Concert
Cricket (Gr 3) vs St Stithian's
Compulsory Grade 2 parent sports meeting
Cycle tests - Gr 5 & 6 Afrik, Gr 7 Eng Shared Assessment
Swimming Gala
Cricket vs St Stithians

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