May 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
School Closed
School reopens for Staff & Boys
Rugby trials/skills (Gr 3-7)
Sport & Extra mural timetable commences
Rugby trials/skills (Gr 4-7)
Public holiday - Voting Day
Mother's Day Market
Environmental Talk Gr 4-7
Pridwin Rugby 7s
Pridwin Rugby 7s
Senior Prep Parent Interviews
Parent Information talk (Gr 0)
Senior Prep Parent Interviews
Gr 0 Parent Talk
Gr 0 Parent Talk
Concussion testing (Gr 3-7)
Parent information talk Gr 1-3
Cycle tests (Gr 5 Integrated Science, Gr 6 Zulu, Gr 7 EZF)
Environmental Talk Gr 0-3
Cross Country at St Stithian's (Gr 3-7)
Rugby vs St Stithian's (Home) (Gr 3-7)
Johannesburg Festival for the Advancement of Music
Chess vs St Stithians (@ St Sithians)
Board Finance Meeting
Interhouse Cross Country (Gr 3-7)
Chatterbox at Roedean (Gr 4-7)
Social Media Talk with Emma Salier
Cycle tests (Gr 5 Maths, 6 SOCS, Gr 7 Science)
Cross Country at St Peter's (Gr 3-7)
Rugby vs The Ridge (Away) (Gr 3-7)
Pridwin Jazz Festival
Trinity Rock & Pop Exams
Chess vs St Peter's (@ St Peter's)
PPA Meeting
Trinity Exams
Grade 6 Outing to Gold Reef City
Trinity Music Exams
Gr 4 Outing to Paramount Campus
Pridwin Community Drinks @Venus Street
Johannesburg Festival for the Advancement of Music
Cycle tests (Gr 5 English, Gr 6 Science, Gr 7 SOCS)
Cross Country at St Benedict's (Gr 3-7)
Rugby vs St Peter's (Gr 3 & 4) - home

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